November 5, 2013


Podium at 2013 MEC

Podium at 2013 MEC

No one came away with the million dollars that was up for grabs which would have gone to any rider who could win all three motos at the 2013 MEC in Las Vegas, NV.

Red Bull KTM’s Ryan Dungey was poised to finish second in the first moto, but Dungey forgot to take the Joker Lane during the race and was docked five positions and was credited with sixth place.

One unique aspect of the Monster Energy Cup is that in every race, all riders must take the longer Joker Lane one time, and while dicing with Villopoto for the lead, Dungey got caught up in the action and never rode through the Joker Lane. Ryan Villopoto waited until the last lap to do so and Dungey thought he had the race won. After rolling across the finish line, Dungey and Villopoto congratulated each other, and when Dungey asked Villopoto what had happened to him, Dungey then realized his costly mistake.

“I was just racing and going for the win,” Dungey said. “It [taking the Joker Lane] skipped my mind and I didn’t see Ryan [Villopoto] do it.”

The second moto was a thriller. In the height of the battle, Stewart ducked into the Joker Lane at the last second and Villopoto missed it. It looked almost as though overshot the turn, perhaps remembering about it at the last second, but it was too late. With the mistake perhaps still on his mind, Villopoto, now physically in the lead, miss-timed a rhythm section and was slammed onto the ground. Stewart went on to win, followed by Barcia, Dungey and Dean Wilson.

Going into the third and final moto, six riders were separated by just three points, with Roczen leading the way with eight, Dungey, Barcia and Stewart with seven, and Musquin and Tomac with 11.

Roczen blasted out of the gate with the holeshot, followed by Dungey and Stewart. Like Stewart, Roczen waited until the final lap to run the Joker Lane and it cost him, as both Dungey and Tomac got by him, making the final finishing order: Stewart, Dungey, Tomac and Roczen. In the overall column, Stewart ended up edging out Dungey by one point, 10-11. Roczen wound up third overall with 12 points, followed by Tomac (14), Musquin (19), Cole Seely (26) and Brock Tickle (27).

--Excerpts from Cycle News Staff